Here at Hamasisha,

We believe in providing you with the best data solutions for your company.

With a key interest in Mining, Business, Agriculture, Health and sanitation, we work round the clock to ensure that all your data needs are met. We ensure that we bring on board creativity and innovation to the table, turning your data into a gold mine for investments. Depending on your needs, we know what kind of help to offer, where and how.


We are committed to ensuring that the data acquired upholds its integrity and is useful for the task at hand.


Our team of specialists is commited to ensuring that the data receives in-depth analysis and processing.


From our findings, we commit to providing you with innovative and creative ways in which you can use the data to provide sustainable solutions in your industry.

Our Focus areas

  • Agriculture

  • Mining

  • Business

  • Health

  • Sanitation

  • Water

Finished Projects


County Livestock Deaths

A histogram showing a summary of livestock deaths across the Kenyan counties. It shows the range of animals that have died in how many counties.

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Bar Graph

County Livestock Deaths

A bar graph showing the number of livestock deaths across the Kenyan counties. It shows how many animals have died per county across the country.

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County Water Alkalinity

A map of the 47 counties of Kenya showing how the alkaline levels of water vary across the counties. Some counties have missing data and the same is indicated on the map.

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Report Analysis on Kenyan Counties

A comprehensive report focusing on various aspects of issues or factors present in the 47 counties in Kenya.Interact with various reports to see the interact outlay.

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Meet the team

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Oscar Ngesa

Data Analyst / Executive Officer

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Harry Musambai

Data Analyst / R Enthusiast

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George Maina

Visual Analyst / Data analyst

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Harrison Kamau

Mining Engineer / Data visuals

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Marvin Kweyu

Software Engineer

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Stella Kaniaru

People Skills / Software Engineer